Our client, a Nigerian company, acquires a Spanish company with operations in 8 African countries. Both companies have different IT, Datacentre, Network and Application policies. The objective of the project is to develop a IT transformation project and unification of the entire structure of the Nigerian company. Infrastructures, applications (ERP, HR, Sales), IT policies and strategy, IT department organization and the migration plan itself to the new environment.


The two companies have very different IT environments and teams. In terms of applications, one has SAP Business One ERP, the other Oracle eBusiness Suite. The server, storage and network infrastructure is very obsolete and largely out of support. During the crisis years, investment has been minimal and part of the applications and the IT department have been outsourced. Different applications coexist, such as information islands, some on-premise, others in the Cloud, without integration between them. And in some offices of the merged company, communication and server performance is very low. In addition, the IT staff is minimal and overwhelmed with day-to-day business.

IT transformation solution for Nigerian company

Tecsens performs a comprehensive IT audit of the customer, and a basic infrastructure plan in which the “Cloud” and investment in improving the communications network (WAN SDN-VPN) is the cornerstone of the project. The unification of ERP under SAP Business One is recommended for simplicity and cost, the deployment of Virtual Desktop (VDI) together with Office 365 to simplify the tasks of the IT department, as well as the deployment of a VoIP solution in the cloud, and the unification of Datacenters in two (primary, secondary – disaster recovery). Also attached are organizational recommendations for the IT department, policies, strategy, and the deployment plan with approximate costs and schedule of actions.