ICSE (Instituto Canario Superior de Estudios) corporation that develops its main activity in the educational field since 1979 in the Canary Islands. It adds one of more than 120,000 students who have passed through its classrooms in these 40 years to attend countless courses and trainings. To its main mission, training, is added its social commitment to environments such as gender equality, inclusion of people with disabilities, sustainability and the environment or care for people at risk of social exclusion, among other actions. We tell you all about the ICSE Global Communications Project.

Initial situation and objectives of the project

Being a corporation with a very high number of daily calls, ICSE was overwhelmed since it did not have the necessary resources to perform quality customer service. This meant a large number of calls without being able to be answered. In addition to this and being an educational entity that teaches courses and face-to-face and online training, they needed a secure Internet connection that would guarantee a stable connection and good bandwidth.

Another need they had was mobility, since they could not telework or answer calls outside the center.

Proposed solution and project phases

After a first phase of consulting and study of ICSE’s needs, we structured their communications offering the following solutions to achieve unified communications:

  • Virtual switchboard with more than 40 extensions spread throughout its headquarters
  • 16 fixed IP 1Gbps FTTH Internet access points
  • 7 mobile phone lines

After customizing a proposal according to the needs, the implementation and configuration of all the systems was carried out, facilitating a communications structure adapted to the business structure and that users could contact them in a simple way in turn they could attend all the calls they received.

In the words of Adrián Ramos, head of the IT Department:

“Very good, the transition has been painless. They have provided us with all the information and have accompanied us throughout the process.”

Benefits obtained with the solution

Thanks to this implementation, ICSE has managed to improve its communications by a high percentage and in turn the productivity of its employees. With the help of Communicator, the application of our CloudTel PBX, the employees of the center have managed to obtain great mobility with a telephone access anywhere in the geography. Something that in turn has facilitated teleworking.

The switchboard (CloudTel PBX) has managed to unify its communication systems and ensure that all telephone requests are attended in an agile way. In addition, Internet connections have facilitated the day-to-day life of teachers and students.