Together we ensure the continuity of your digital assets

Scalability and flexibility at 98%
Scalability and flexibility at 98%, increased resources, operational efficiency, cost reduction, accessible from any device and location. Your data always nearby.

Improve the security of your data
Business continuity, 24/7 monitoring, guaranteed SLA’s, minimizes recovery times (RPO and RTO).

Resource control and management
Automation of scaling up or down, workload sharing, infrastructure security, migrations, hybrid cloud.

Cloud Soberano 100%
Certifications (ENS), private infrastructure, complies with laws and regulations of data protection, own resources.

What are the most common causes of disruption suffered by companies?


Cybersecurity attacks


Hardware equipment failures


Accidental deletion

Prevents data loss

Data protection and disaster recovery
ensures your critical data is protected and safeguarded.

Regulatory compliance,
specific regulatory requirements for data protection and retention and avoid legal penalties.

Information security
, applies robust measures, such as encryption, access control and constant monitoring against threats and unauthorized access.

Secure, Reliable and Automatic Backup.

Ensure business continuity

It ensures continuity
of operations and minimizes the risk of costly outages.

Redundant infrastructure
backup systems, recovery servers and alternative data centers is critical.

Response and recovery times (RPO/RTO),
minimize downtime with systems and processes in place to quickly recover critical operations and restore your business activity as soon as possible.

24/7 monitoring
a disaster recovery plan (DRaaS) must be tested and updated regularly to ensure its effectiveness. This will help you identify potential gaps and make necessary adjustments.

Ensure your organization continues to operate during and after a disaster.

A secure and personalized infrastructure

Consolidate IT resources
in a centralized environment and simplify management.

Improve operational efficiency
Automate your processes and reduce workload.

Streamlines application deployment and reduces deployment times

Reduces infrastructure costs
by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain physical servers.

It guarantees the location and control of your data,
it has a sovereign Cloud.



Privacy, Compliance and Reliability


Gain productivity, flexibility, and mobility with Microsoft 365

Team collaboration
, in real time, makes it easy for your teams to work together on projects. Share documents, edit them simultaneously and comment online, improve communication and efficiency.

Unified communications
, thanks to Microsoft Teams, you can make virtual meetings, calls and online chats. Intrega MS. Teams with your virtual switchboard.

Access and synchronization in multiple devices,
access your documents and files from different devices. Automatic synchronization allows a continuous workflow regardless of the device.

Security and compliance, advanced security features to protect data, compliance and

privacy regulations.

We help you manage your licenses.

Cloud Storage

, increase storage capacity based on your needs at any time.

, ensures the protection of stored data and helps mitigate the risk of information loss in the event of hardware failure or disaster.

Cost reduction
, avoids the initial investment in physical storage infrastructure, servers and hard drives. Pay for what you use.

Secure information, access from anywhere and always available.

What our customers say

Tarragona Town Hall

The migration project to the Private Cloud has been a success, providing critical and citizen-centric services, such as the corporate website and the electronic processing platform, which receive more than 1 million visits per year.

”Thanks to the housing of the most critical citizen-focused services, such as the corporate website, which receives more than 1 million visits annually, the electronic headquarters where announcements, calls for tenders, town planning information are published and where more than 140,000 visits were received last year, and the Electronic processing portal for citizens, companies and entities, where in addition to being able to submit applications, access to the Virtual Tax Office. ́ ́

ICSE (Instituto Superior de Estudios Canarios)

ICSE, was facing a high volume of unanswered requests due to insufficient resources. After implementing the Virtual PBX and FTTH access points, they improved communication by 89%, increased employee productivity and enabled seamless teleworking.

“As an education company that delivers online courses and training, we have a very high number of calls per day and we need quality connections. We were overwhelmed, as we did not have the necessary resources, which resulted in a large number of unanswered requests. Thanks to the implementation of the Virtual PBX and FTTH access points, we have managed to improve communications, productivity and great mobility with telephone access from any point, which has facilitated teleworking. It has been a smooth and seamless transition. Tecsens has provided us with all the information and has accompanied us throughout the process.”

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