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Focused on protecting your infrastructures, networks and business information, mitigating
risks that can affect them.

-Managed perimeter security services for each headquarters.
-Possibility to install architectures in H.A.

Our services will allow you to monitor your internet access, as well as protection against viruses and external threats, blocking of unwanted access, mail filtering (AntiSpam), IDS/IPS and permanent update.

Prepare for a new generation of threats based on our services and expertise.

UTM Solutions


Protect is a cloud mail filtering service (SaaS mode) that protects user data by assembling the latest technologies in email security.

No infrastructure changes are required, Tecsens Protect is ahead of the mail server.

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security informatica dns


TECSENS DNS Filter makes it easy to implement comprehensive and customizable Internet content and URL filtering policies in minutes.

Our algorithms intelligently categorize sites so you don’t have to constantly maintain a list of domains.

  • Provides support for networks with dynamic IP addresses.
  • Protect your users and networks from command and control (botnet), malware, phishing, viruses, and other threats by simply applying our security policies.
  • Complete reports with activity, security, billing and query logging.


Snort IDS/IPS is software that implements an attack detection and port scanning engine that allows you to record, alert and respond to any previously defined failures.

The method of registering and updating rules is done daily, receiving, thanks to the subscription level that TECSENS has real-time updates.


IDSs contain an extensive updated database, with a multitude of known attack signatures.
This solution monitors incoming traffic through a thorough network analysis and port sweep, all of which compares it to the information it has about malicious elements.
In the face of any suspicious activity, this detection system issues an early warning, which directs system administrators. And it is these IT managers who must take appropriate action.


The IPS is located between the firewall and the rest of the enterprise network, monitoring the input packets.
And before you let them in, check what they’re actually used for, preventing suspicious traffic from accessing the rest of the corporate network.
Depending on the form of detection, it may signal malicious traffic based on signatures (such as an antivirus).
You can also do this if it is anomaly-based, depending on the pattern of normal traffic behavior.
Or you can even intervene on the basis of very specific security policies.

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Other solutions in computer security

firewall informatic security


Through our market-leading edge security solutions, we are able to address very complex architectures by competing directly with large manufacturers.

Customized installations, from the simplest to the most specific and robust functionalities.

  • Virtual Private Networks using IPsec, OpenVPN, Wireguard.
  • High availability cluster; redundancy and failover.
  • Inbound and outbound load balancer.
  • Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Package debugger.
  • Multi-WAN.
  • Stateful firewall.
  • Source/destination IP filtering.
  • Configurable registration by rule and limiters per rule.
  • Multi-WAN and Stateful firewall.


Virtual private networks (VPNs) enable remote connection, securely in the organization, or in a relocated manner to facilitate telework.


They allow direct remote connection to the local home or enterprise network, and access to all shares as if they were physically in the enterprise.


They allow you to connect remote offices to an organization’s headquarters and have access to all the shares, as if we were physically in all of them. The VPN server is the one that has a permanent link to the Internet, accepts all connections that come from the sites, and establishes the VPN tunnel through a type of encryption and authentication.

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informational security monitoring


Performance monitoring solution for DevOps and IT Operations teams, which allows you to have a 360-degree view of your entire infrastructure and makes the job easier.

  • automation.
  • Transparency.
  • Proactive incident detection.
  • Performance reports.
  • Capacity planning.
  • Ensures availability and performance.

Types of monitoring:

Websites and servers.

Reverse proxy or load balancer

High availability load balancer and proxy server for L4 and L7 layer HTTP and TCP-based applications.

It aims to distribute incoming requests across multiple servers, significantly improving infrastructure availability, resiliency, and scalability.

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informatic security waf

WAF(Web aplication firewall)

Firewall that helps mitigate attacks on web applications by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between web applications and the Internet network.

It acts as a reverse proxy protecting the server, getting users to pass through it before reaching it.

SSL certificates

We provide SSL (Secure Connection Layer) certificates, a security standard that encrypts information that is transferred between a web server and the browser.

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*Check available solutions on the Digital Kit page

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    Your company in the hands of specialists


    We analyze and define the solutions needed to mitigate and reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Our solutions are customized as there is no standard, each organization has different needs.

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    Common cyberattacks and solutions

    DoS and DDoS (Denial of Service Attack or Distributed Denial of Service Attack) attacks: Attack on devices, servers, networks, or whose primary objective is to have them blocked and inaccessible to proprietary users.

    What solutions are there?
    What solutions are there?

    • Protect and configure edge security teams in the best possible way. (FIREWALL)
    • Protect web or internet-exposed servers with Layer 7 WAF solutions. (WAF)
    • Configure a request balancer (Proxy) computer to load balance and take action against the attack. (REVERSE PROXY OR LOAD BALANCER)

    Social engineering: Technique that persuades and manipulates people in an organization to obtain confidential information or perform a certain malicious action that benefits the cybercriminal.

    What solutions are there?
    What solutions are there?

    • Employee training (CIBERSECURITY AUDIT)
    • Apply security solutions such as anti-spam or content filters. (TECSENS PROTECT OR DNS FILTER)
    • Enable dual authentication factor.
    • Always back up your data. (BACKUP BaaS or DraaS)

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