IP connection between your physical PBX and the global telephone network without changing your infrastructure.

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call center voice
  • Transparent Caller ID.
  • Guaranteed scalability with dozens of simultaneous conversations.
  • Full incoming and outgoing IP call service.
  • Transcoding.
  • Anti-fraud security.
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  • Own numbering and title page.
  • High call quality, superior to a traditional call.
  • Possibility to have SIP Trunk in other countries.
  • Call recording.
  • Tailor-made rates.

Can you imagine activating your SIP Trunk completely online?

You only need 5 minutes

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Until now, acquiring a SIP Trunk involved contacting an operator, requests and waiting processes. Now with Tecsens save time and gain productivity, acquire your SIP Trunk 100% online, you just have to follow 3 steps.

E-commerce Choose your pack


E-commerce Register


E-commerce activates your service


If you have an IP or virtual physical switchboard (Asterisk, 3CX, Issabel, Free PBX or others …) or you are a call / contact center and need a SIP Trunk immediately, this is the solution.

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Advantages of buying your SIP Trunk online

Ecommerce without mediations


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ecommerce scalability


ecommerce savings


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Get a 10% discount

in the purchase of any of the packs

Register now and get a 10% discount code on the purchase of all SIP Trunk packs, you can also be aware of all their news.

*Promotion valid on the purchase of any of the SIP Trunk packs until 31/12/2022.


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    Additional services

    sip trunk wholesale


    Service for operators looking for a reliable provider with first class routes, maximum security, high availability and rates adapted to your needs.

    sip trunk db cleanup


    Eliminates erroneous, incomplete or repeated records from a database in order to optimise time and improve ROI.

    sip trunk mobile rotation


    Automatic Caller ID rotation in outbound campaigns.

    Your company in the hands of specialists


    Keep track and manage your calls

    VoIP monitoring

    VoIP monitor analyses the quality of VoIP calls based on network parameters: delay variation and packet loss.

    It is a network packet sniffer with a commercial interface for VoIP, SIP, RTP/RTCP, SKINNY (SCCP), MGCP, WebRTC protocols running on Linux.

    • Monitors and analyses SIP VoIP call quality issues.
    • Archiving of all calls, including SIP, WebRTC, SKINNY RTP, T.38 and T.30 FAX (PDF) in the CDR database.
    • Decodes and plays calls directly from the GUI or displays T.38 FAX as PDF.
    • Surveillance to prevent fraudulent calls.
    • Monitoring of call centres.
    • Advanced call reporting.
    sip trunk monitoring


    • Comprehensive filters to find specific CDRs based on IP, phone numbers, qualitative parameters (loss / delay / MOS).
    • Detailed SIP messages flow with the WIRESHARK style view.
    • Complete call analysis with information on dropped packets, Jitter, MOS, per communication legs, etc…
    • Possibility to listen to calls directly from the web interface.
    • Real-time and CDR-based anti-fraud rules.
    • Multi-user access allowing only certain IPs / phone numbers to be seen.
    • Native PCAP file downloadable via the web GUI.
    • Graph of loss and delay distribution for each call.
    • Live calls and live sniffer, in GUI.

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    You can do it in the way that is most comfortable for you, call us at any of our offices or fill out the contact form and our commercial department will contact you.

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