Take your voice everywhere. Your Success Just a Phone Call Away

100% Cloud 100% Reliable
Fast, secure and transparent deployment.

Productivity & Efficiency
Reduces management complexity, improves customer service.

Flexibility and scalability
Accessibility from any location and device.             

Connect your voice
Customize, unify, and integrate with your business applications.

Add value to your Virtual PBX

All the functionalities of the PBX, add to Teams all the features included in the virtual PBX.

Fluid and efficient communication, it integrates instant messaging, video calls, voice calls and email into a single platform without the need to switch applications.

A sum of value, your virtual PBX plus the teams tool, manage your calls, connect your CRM or ERP and offer a more personalized interaction.

Get the most out of MS. Teams, take advantage of all the benefits offered by Microsoft’s native collaboration tools.

Connecting teams, transforming work. Productivity starts here.

Provide an Omnichannel experience

Integrate all communication channels, Start the interaction through a chat, escalate it to a call and confirm via email. Use the right channels for each situation.

Manage interactions effortlessly, automate processes, intelligently route calls and messages, and reduce wait times, resulting in faster, more efficient service.

Increase your team’s productivity, monitor and analyze in real time that allow you to monitor the performance of your agents, measure and identify areas for improvement and offer personalized attention.

It connects all the applications
you already use, makes it easier to manage information and provides a global view of your operations.

Don’t get left behind, take the step towards a more efficient and effective contact center.

We take your contact center to the next level


Beyond the Virtual PBX

Advanced PBX, all the possibilities of a PBX with call and contact center functions aimed at managing a high volume of calls.

Manage your
incoming calls through intelligent queue management.

Automate your broadcast campaignsthanks to automatic dialers.

Take control of your call/contact center,
with a wide variety of customized reports.

The solution adapted for your Contact Center.


Do you want to take all your important calls?

Win opportunities, route your calls intelligently to your team members, ensuring every customer is taken care of.

Unlimited flexibility,work from anywhere with advanced features such as call forwarding to your personal device or voicemail.

Professional image, with our all-in-one solution offers a sophisticated multi-device phone experience, with personalized interactive voice menus that reflect your company’s identity.

Connect your voice systems with your CRM or ERP.

Analytics and tracking, gain valuable insights into call durations, wait times, and more, to constantly improve your customer service.

Secure and always available communication.

Take the leap in your communications, connect your physical or virtual PBX to the telephone network through SIP Trunk

Cost savings,
reduce your phone expenses by eliminating the need for physical lines.

Instant scalability, no matter your size, the SIP Trunk adapts to your needs. Seamlessly add or shrink communication channels.

Advanced functionalities, enjoy features like intelligent call routing, integration with CRM systems, call recording, and more.

Advanced security, anti-fraud systems, IP validation…

Easy implementation
, agile start-up, which means you’ll be ready to go in just a few minutes.

Ready to leave limitations behind and embrace innovation?

Maximize the efficiency of your business communication!

What our customers say

ICSE (Instituto Superior de Estudios Canarios)

ICSE, was facing a high volume of unanswered requests due to insufficient resources. After implementing the Virtual PBX and FTTH access points, they improved communication by 89%, increased employee productivity and enabled seamless teleworking.

“As an education company that delivers online courses and training, we have a very high number of calls per day and we need quality connections. We were overwhelmed, as we did not have the necessary resources, which resulted in a large number of unanswered requests. Thanks to the implementation of the Virtual PBX and FTTH access points, we have managed to improve communications, productivity and great mobility with telephone access from any point, which has facilitated teleworking. It has been a smooth and seamless transition. Tecsens has provided us with all the information and has accompanied us throughout the process.”


Stayforlong is a marketplace specialized in long-stay hotel reservations that was faced with the need to obtain international numbering with omnichannel adaptability via SIP Trunk. After the implementation of the Tecsens SIP Trunk, they managed to reduce fixed and variable costs by 80%, an evolution in efficiency and technological growth by unifying communications and integrating everything in the same tool.

‘Price, Quality and the Team of People Who Work Behind It, they have always been at 200% facilitating both the entire implementation process and all the administrative and commercial procedures. A 10 without a doubt, the challenge was very big, since we were against the clock, in record time we were able to get the required numbering and all the SIP trunk implementation ready and working in the miraculous short time of less than two weeks! The Tecsens team was fully involved, and it is to be commended and thanked! ́ ́


Juan XXII is a VET educational center that provides both face-to-face and online training. Incidents in corporate communication networks and telephony were situations that arose quite frequently. Thanks to the implementation of the Virtual PBX and FTTH accesses, it has increased flexibility, security, call quality, as well as the performance of connectivity between floors, classrooms, etc.

“It has been several years since our problems have disappeared from the first moment, which has resulted in greater satisfaction of the whole school. We work with TECSENS side by side, excellent professionals with knowledge, resolution, efficiency and proximity. Peace of mind knowing that we are in good hands” ́ ́

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