A network infrastructure should be tailored to your business, not your business to the network.

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Underpinning any enterprise telecommunications infrastructure is access to the internet. Do not play it and have internet services for companies, designed to provide the best quality and navigation.

What characteristics should be taken into account when selecting the most suitable business Internet?

  • Bandwidth: Defines the capacity of a circuit to transmit information (in bits, megabytes or gigabytes per second) in both directions.
  • Symmetry: Ensures that the upload and download speed is the same.
  • Guarantees: Guarantees the percentage of the bandwidth, implying that when the circuit works correctly, the customer will have the contracted percentage.
  • Latency: The delay that occurs in packet communication and its variability (jitter), a key parameter for the proper functioning of some applications.
  • Physical media: a circuit often uses several physical media in its different sections and some operators may create confusion when talking about Fibre Optics, for example, when referring to Coaxial in the last mile, which is the most difficult to provision. The air environment, by definition, is a shared environment and can be saturated by exogenous factors.
  • Technology: This point is decisive since many of the properties explained are pre-fixed to the use of a specific technology. For example, EoSDH technology implies a Fibre Optic medium, with good equipment, low latencies, etc.


Every business requires a solid foundation, a technology and communications infrastructure that supports the company’s operations and applications with quality and security.

This includes scenarios such as multiple sites and offices, mobile employees,
customers or suppliers requiring secure access to their systems and applications.

What do we offer you?

  • Study and detection of personalised needs.
  • Selection of the appropriate type of connection.
  • 24×7 monitoring and support.
  • SLA guaranteed.
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Your company in the hands of specialists


Business internet services

internet companies fiber Optical fibre / FTTH

FTTH (Fiber to the home) business technology uses optical fibre as the physical medium for data transfer, thus avoiding possible network latency and attenuation.
We guarantee bandwidth and symmetry from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Everything you need to work without interruptions at full speed.

  • Bandwidth and symmetry guaranteed.
  • Fixed IP.
  • National and international coverage.
  • 4G Backup (Optional).
  • 24×7 monitoring and support.

internet companies sd wan SD WAN

It is an enterprise wide area network (WAN) that uses software-defined networks (SDNs) to determine the most efficient way to route traffic to remote locations.

A model that allows a network administrator to remotely program edge devices through a central controller, reducing provisioning times and minimizing or eliminating the need to manually configure traditional routers at the branch office location.

  • Ability to deploy and manage multiple connections.
  • Intuitive and simple.
  • Security.

internet companies ethernet Ethernet

Extend your LAN as far as you want.
The use of Ethernet links allows to extend the LAN (Local Area Network), restricted until then to the office environment, to global limits, connecting headquarters anywhere in the world, building the so-called WAN (Wide Area Netowrk) Ethernet.

  • Standard for reliability, low latencies and cost savings.
  • Bandwidths from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps.
  • 24×7 monitoring and support.
  • High Availability (HA).

Redundancy options

-Double Rush (FO): Fiber Optics enters the building at two different points.
-Double Access: Dual equipment and circuit configured in high availability.
-4G Backup: Equipment and antenna with automatic switching to the 3G circuit

internet companies radio link Radio link

Experts in radio-relay connectivity, point-to-point connection giving connectivity to those areas where fiber optics do not reach.

We offer dedicated circuits up to 10GB with symmetrical connections and low latency, allowing you to offer complementary services with guarantees.

Our circuits are scalable so you can expand them as your customer’s needs grow.

  • Low latency. we operate with one of the best positioned autonomous systems worldwide.
  • Quality traffic. Only 8% of our network traffic transits third-party networks.
  • 24×7 monitoring and support.
  • Agility and Availability our network is fully networked with a ring architecture. SLA guaranteed.

We advise you without obligation

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