CloudTel PBX a multi-device and multi-site virtual switchboard system

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Our pbx PBX software is a multi-device IP telephony communications system (IP terminal, PC and mobile), hosted in our own private Cloud offering maximum security and call quality.

Streamline your company’s communications with VoIP and offer professional customer service features.

What does a Virtual Switchboard allow?

  • Create, manage and maintain your voice communications network.
  • Full control and monitoring of the use of the company’s telephony.
  • Flexibility and speed of implementation.
  • Advanced resources on any element of the corporate network, regardless of its location.
  • Personalisation.
  • Pay-as-you-go and cost reduction.

What do I need?

  • Stable internet or mobile data connection.

internet companies fiber Advantages

  • 100% Cloud service.
  • Security.
  • Multi-device: IP phone, computer, mobile or tablet.
  • Multi-location.
  • Customised structure.
  • Flexibility and scalability.

internet companies ethernet Functionalities

  • Call forwarding and call forwarding.
  • Multi-conference for internal or external participants.
  • Voice-mail, receive your messages and listen to them in your email.
  • Customised IVR menu.
  • Call recording.
  • Call control and self-management.
  • Personalised voiceovers.
  • Follow-me to mailbox, external mobile, etc.
  • Switch Phone to combine different devices.
  • Virtual fax.

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Why choose our virtual switchboard?


CloudTel PBX proprietary software that allows your PC or smartphone to emulate desktop phones, through which you can call or answer your calls.

Available versions


  • Available for Google Android and Apple iOS.
  • Call and voicemail management.
  • Integration of contacts with: Outlook and Google.
  • Access to the conference system.
  • Possibility to make GSM calls.


  • Available for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.
  • Call management and voicemail.
  • Chat and file sharing.
  • Access to the conference system.
  • Fax to e-mail.
  • Switch phones (multi-device transfer, you can take a call on one device and continue the call on another).
  • Integration of contacts with: Outlook and Google.
  • Integration with other platforms such as: iTunes, email.
  • Electronic, Outlook, camera, Skype for business, CRM, etc.
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Integrate the software that best suits your organisation’s needs with CloudTel PBX

virtual switchboard ms virtual machines

Microsoft Teams

The most complete integration between Tecsens Microsoft and CloudTel PBX platforms.

  • Combine user types according to your needs (conference rooms, IP terminals, or Teams PC/mobile clients).
  • Use an IP terminal, PC, or smartphone/tablet as your device.
  • Unify your communications and gain productivity.
  • Issue calls to any outside number from your Teams user.
  • Use a custom caller ID or your company header number.
  • Receive calls on your direct number without going through a switchboard.
  • Live natively with all possible CloudTel PBX options.

In addition, you can also integrate your CRM or enterprise ERP with CloudTel PBX

Additional services

  • Numbering and portability services.
  • New numbering (Geographical No., mobile, smart no (90x) and international).
  • Numbering to display in the call (Header or extension, other numbering, caller ID).
  • portability.

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