Initial Situation

The Tarragona City Council was in a process of digital transformation, with the need to host high workloads that supported the citizen and required hosting in a high availability infrastructure, tolerable to failures and protected by BaaS and DRaaS, as service interruptions or crashes could not be allowed.

Project objectives

The main objectives of the project were to carry out an organised, planned, transparent and agile migration without affecting the services published for all citizens, entities and companies. At the same time, ensuring the availability of information systems through Backup (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) services, thus complying with strict RTO/RPO.

Project phases

In the first phase, the services that the municipality already had in place were studied in detail, making an inventory of all application servers, databases and the most critical workloads of the services provided.

In parallel, WAN and LAN network changes were analysed, a necessary implementation in order to be able to carry out the migration and release of new services.

Once the technical documentation with the details of the Cloud architectures to be implemented, deployed and developed, the migration times were planned.

For each environment put into production, the relevant BaaS and DRaaS policies were applied, a backup copy of all files and databases was available, and the environment was replicated in a secondary datacentre where services could be offered in the event of any contingency.

The application resources deployed in the Tecsens Private Cloud environment continue to expand. The project has recently been given the capacity for self-management by the municipality, allowing the vast majority of modifications to its service to be carried out autonomously.

Benefits obtained with the solution

Thanks to the housing of the most critical citizen-focused services, such as the corporate website, which receives more than 1 million visits annually, the electronic headquarters where announcements, calls for tenders, town planning information are published and where more than 140,000 visits were received last year, and the an electronic processing portal for citizens, companies and entities, where, in addition to being able to submit applications, access is offered to the virtual tax office, a platform through which more than 300,000 visits and almost 30,000 applications were processed last year.

Tarragona City Council offers its citizens a quality service without interruptions and guarantees the availability and security of their data.

“The project has been a success since its implementation/migration of services to the TECSENS Private Cloud and subsequent operation, taking into account that the services hosted there are critical, as they are accessible to the citizen.´´