In these times, the immediacy, having everything for now, the sometimes long tedious purchase processes have made the R+D department of Tecsens emerge the innovative idea of selling voice solutions in a differential way to the usual. Having the customer always in focus, listening to their needs and even anticipating them have been the reasons for the creation of the eCommerce project, a revolutionary way to sell 100% online Operator services. Tecsens launches its e-Commerce for voice solutions.

But what is TECSENS eCommerce and who is it aimed at?

eCommerce is a way to acquire voice services through the web, anytime and from anywhere. A platform through which in a matter of seconds and in just 3 steps you can buy 100% online the SIP Trunk service and what it entails, that is, numbering and channels.

100% B2B orientation, aimed at companies with a certain technological profile among their ranks, which demand operator services for their physical or virtual switchboards. A client that has the need to be totally autonomous in the management and registration of the SIP Trunk and that requires the reliability of a large international operator behind. Initially designed for Operators or Call Centers anywhere in the world that diversify their traffic according to which campaigns or simply seek secure, agile and flexible services.

What are the advantages and how does it work?

As we have already indicated, agility, cost and productivity savings, and self-management are the 3 main advantages of this new platform. In just 3 steps : pack selection, registration and service activation. Acquiring any of the products is to acquire 100% balance in the account since it works through recharges and without monthly fees, channels and DDIs are included.

Once inside you can access the Manager to administer and manage your services, expand channels or DDIs, download CDRs or invoices, see the status of your orders, etc. are just some of the possibilities provided by the customer portal.

What are the expectations of the project?

The eCommerce project will grow with more voice solutions oriented to all needs. Position ourselves as the first operator to sell voice services 100% online“. Automation is the future and understanding, as well as anticipating the needs of customers by offering other value-added services around the main solution in a totally autonomous way is the strategy to be followed by the company in this project.