Tecsens official collaborator of the Acelera PYME programme,an initiative promoted by the Government of Spain in the technological field. To deal with the crisis generated by COVID-19, to help SMEs and self-employed people.

Composed of different initiatives with a triple objective:

  • Accelerate the process of digitizing SMEs from advice and training.
  • Technological development in Artificial Intelligence and other enabling technologies.
  • Boosting the data economy and digital content and supporting entrepreneurship.

The different lines of action have a maximum duration of up to 3 years. Funded by the European ERDF and ESF funds with aid worth EUR 250 M.

On its portal SMEs and freelancers can find financing and financial aid solutions, technology, advice and recommendations in cybersecurity and actions to promote talent.

In addition, it is not only open to SMEs and freelancers. If not for the collaboration of private companies that provide resources and solutions to promote their digitization and teleworking solutions.

Where we come into play, because thanks to our journey and experience we are able to advise companies. To know how to meet your needs and accelerate and implement this process in the best possible way.

Collaborating Tecsens Accelerates SME

At TECSENS we offer a comprehensive solution plan such as: Virtual Switchboard,Perimeter Security and Cloud Backup. Focused on meeting the needs to face the “new normal”.

So get SMEs and freelancers to provide their telework solutions teams in a safe way. “Tecsens is proud to be part of the official partner of the Acelera PYME program and to help companies grow technologically.”