New year, new life or so they say, the 2020 has meant a before and after as far as technology is concerned. As we indicated in the last post, the IT forecasts made in early 2020 were met and accelerated more than expected.

The study of the predictions for 2021 presented byIDC Research Españathat around 80% of the organizations have reduced their income due to the Covid-19. This will affect spending on digitalization and digital transformation processes, 0.8% less than in 2020.

Even so, this aspect is very necessary for organizations to address since the situation has shown that only those who can guarantee business continuity, process efficiency and security survive.

Forecasts TI 2021:

  • Cloud Computing: The adoption of Cloud infrastructures in the processes of access to information and services in organizations was already gaining strength in 2020. Something that will become more and more general, since organizations are aware of the need that arises. IDC Research predicts that by this year 20% of organizations will adopt such architectures.
  • Hyperautomation: A strategic technology needed to carry out a complete digital transformation in an organization. Bringing the power and flexibility of automation to processes where it was previously not possible will guarantee organizations error detection, increased productivity and innovation. According to Gartner this technology is the sum of artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and process learning (ML). It is estimated that this market will experience growth of more than 15% until 2023. Promoting “Digital Coworkers”, man-machine collaboration
  • AI and digital experience: As we commented in the previous point, a process that goes hand in hand with many others and will facilitate the daily work of organizations. IDC Research estimates that more than 30% of organizations will add AI tools, especially in the customer service environment. On the other hand, there is also the use of this technology for data management, which will reduce errors and increase the speed of processes.

Another trend that has undoubtedly marked 2020 and will continue to lead in 2021 is cyber security, which will account for 55% of IT investments, especially in unified communications tools, platforms and documentation.

Darwin has already said this; “It is not the strongest or the smartest who survives, but the one who adapts most to change.”