This year 2020, which is about to end, has undoubtedly put us to the test in every way. Especially the IT sector, which has defined 3 keys of the 2020 sector necessary for companies to survive this new normality.

This adaptation has given a boost to the digital transformation of the business fabric. But what have been the key trends and tools of the IT sector most demanded during this year 2020?

Tools for collaboration and work in remote environments

Teleworking and the need for access to information and services has been the final trigger for organizations to adopt the cloud model.

A 24×7 model that allows you to manage resources, documents and have the necessary information available and updated at any time and place.

In addition, it has been, is and will continue to be necessary to maintain regular communication with members of the company or outside as if you were in the office. Thanks to tools such as virtual switchboards, we have managed to communicate from any device while maintaining a flexible and mobile work environment.

As early as the beginning of the year, Gartner predicted that at least 30 percent of organizations would spend their IT budget on these infrastructures. But the health crisis has increased and accelerated it.


The move from the office to home has endangered the critical information of many companies, this added to the existing gaps in security issues has been a real ordeal for companies this year.

Google reveals that there has been an increase of around 350% in phishing attacks on websites this year.

For this reason, and more than ever, we have been aware of the importance of cyber security and all the toolsthat exist to tackle cyber-criminals. This has also meant that many organizations have a management plan.


Artificial intelligence continues to advance and progress in understanding and processing human language. This year has shown us that having this technology can make our lives and customer experience easier when faced with certain adverse situations such as the covid-19 crisis.

Although there is still a long way to go Gartner indicates that around 2025 this will enjoy its best moment.

In short, this year has marked the path towards the model of teleworking, which we have heard so many times and has come to stay, a reality. Companies are already working to manage a hybrid model in the near future.