In the last three years, work models have been forced to change. This has made the cloud the main technology for organizations, which has also generated small setbacks. Poor management and lack of training in data protection has caused this digitization to fail, specifically backups. According to a report by Veaam, one of the big providers of this technology, up to 58% of them have failed. Below, we go into detail on some data that supports these claims and what the future of backup will look like in 2023.

Keys to the Future of Backup in 2023

Since 2021, more than 60% of companies have made a partial or full migration to the cloud, according to a study by Veeam. This has had a great positive impact for them, but as we have said before in many poor planning and data protection strategy, it has meant that these transformation plans suffered setbacks.

In order to mitigate the data availability gap, organizations must have a resiliency plan based on a backup system adjusted to the needs and resources of the backup.

The data supports this fact and is that according to the study 95% have suffered an unplanned interruption in the last year and the average interruptions in Spain are 20 min, more than the average of countries in Europe.

Therefore, the keys to the future of backup during 2023 are;

  • Needs and resource planning
  • Team trained and specialized in backup solutions, capable of managing and maintaining the solution.
  • Flexible and scalable , as we have indicated must fit the needs of each company and its systems, Veeam is among the solutions with a wide range of recovery possibilities.

In short, By 2023, an estimated 77% of organizations worldwide will use cloud-based backup, which will improve backup reliability, transform cost management, and free up IT resources to focus on digital transformation projects, enabling businesses to differentiate themselves in the digital economy.

If you need a backup solution but you are not sure which one is right for your business, do not hesitate to contact us, shall we talk?