We highlighttecsens’ appearance in the “La Vanguardia” special of “Who’s Who in Consulting”.

Tecsens article in La Vanguardia, special consulting:

“We are experts in cloud, communications networks, IP voice and technology consulting. We design, implement and maintain dozens of technology solutions around the world. And we advise our clients to make the right decisions in this area. Digital transformation is revolutionizing entire companies and industries. In short, technology is the solid ground on which to build everything.

Thus, by relying on our consulting services, you can advance the digitization of your business and feel more secure. We will help you with our digital transformation services, our cloud migration consulting and with the design, implementation and management of the technology. In addition to the most correct selection of suppliers, and in the continuity of your business in the face of disasters of all kinds.

As experts in communications and networking, we can provide you with the best internet connection, the construction of your private company networks and IT security and disaster recovery services.

In the area of infrastructure, let us help you build and manage your private, hybrid, or public cloud.

We also have our platform (“Colab”) of enterprise applications in the cloud so that you have to pay only for what is used, without licenses or bindings (storage and collaboration in the cloud, IP telephony, email, CRM, all integrated). “Colab” proposes a new CRM approach: reverse CRM. Beyond the traditional, focused on information and reporting to the management of the company, it develops an expert information system for the sales company, in order to increase its productivity and efficiency and multiply its value as a professional.

Finally, we are great VoIP experts: we will analyze your infrastructure and propose you the best to renew your switchboard or call center with a modern cloud voice solution, with which you will save and better serve your customers. I trusted Tecsens. We know what we’re talking about.”