On November 23rd we co-organized together with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce a session to discuss the new paradigm of real-time business.

The session was initiated with the welcome to the event by cambra (Nuria Gómez) and Tecsens (Mario Puig, CEO). Next, Sergio Martínez, consulting director of Tecsens. Who introduced the paradigm of real-time companies, with several examples and problems.

To illustrate this phenomenon, we invited a real company to share its experience with us. Angel Rojas, CIO of RCD Español, told us first-hand about his experience in the IT management of a soccer club and how complex it can be in this environment, where soccer fields have been transformed into television sets.

Chamber Session

Finally, Emilio Villa, Colab’s project manager, gave us an excellent demonstration of how to use Tecsens’ COLABTOOL tool. Tool for sharing information inside and outside the company. Accelerating processes and optimizing the flow of documentation and collaboration between employees, customers and suppliers of a company. In other words, to achieve the adaptation of companies in real time.

The event ended with a working breakfast, where all participants can exchange experiences and views on the topic of the session.