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At tecsens we have private cloud environments for business organisations where all information systems and applications can be hosted.

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  • 24x7x365 monitored physical and virtual infrastructure.
  • Access to detailed monitoring tools, alerts, and performance metrics.
  • Architecture equipped with technologies and functionalities.
  • Tolerance to physical host and storage failures.
  • Guaranteed availability. In the event of a crash of one of the dedicated servers in the cluster, the system restarts the virtual machines on another physical server.
  • Physical hosts distributed across Availability Zones.
  • Fault-tolerant storage systems with SATA or SSD disks.

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What exactly is a dedicated virtual server?

It is a service where the customer can make use of compute and storage resources exclusively. These being not shared with any other client.

Does my dedicated virtual server include if requested by the firewall service?

All our servers are delivered protected with virtual firewall. This can be shared among different clients or dedicated, so in this case, it would be unique to the customer.

Does my dedicated virtual server include if requested by backup services?

All of our dedicated virtual servers are protected by a rigorous contingency plan and business continuity. With the prestigious Veeam Backup&Replication software, TECSENS has different levels of protection of our customers’ systems or data. From which you can find everything from file or database backups, to replication of the entire virtual infrastructure in our contingency datacenter. Being able to secure the best RTOs and RPOs to our customers.

How do I access my server?

Using peer-to-peer VPN, access VPN, or by filtering remote access exclusively for your location from which you’ll access your server.

For what purposes can I use a dedicated virtual server?

A dedicated server can be used for multiple purposes, for example, web services, databases, file sharing systems, business intelligence calculation systems, remote desktops can be installed… Etc.

Can I virtualize my server using a hypervisor?

The vast majority of servers allow them to be virtualized and therefore it is possible to upload the workloads you run to the private cloud.

What operating systems can I deploy to a dedicated virtual server?

We can install the vast majority of GNU/Linux, Windows Server or OSX distributions.

What security measures are in place to protect my data?

TECSENS applies rigorous security measures to ensure data availability, integrity and confidentiality. From the physical infrastructure part of datacenter to the data themselves. Measures include access control systems, data encryption systems, data backup, and replication.

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