Our client, an industrial company that exploits patents all over the world. It has decided to launch an ambitious migration plan to the Cloud, upgrading its current infrastructure as it plans to split the company into two large business units, physically and legally separated. The objective of the project is to elaborate a technological upgrade and migration to the Cloud. Dividing the infrastructures into two different virtual units prepared for the spin-off and execute together with the company’s IT team this plan.. This will affect systems, applications, telephony and telecommunications.


The infrastructure is largely obsolete, after several years of containment in investments, so urgent action is necessary. The separation of the company into two units makes the Cloud the most suitable solution, as it provides flexibility and optimization of resources. In addition, the IT staff is minimal, so such a solution is the best for the company.

Cloud migration solution for an industrial company

We carry out an intensive analysis of the infrastructure of servers, storage, network, applications, voice and telecommunications, identifying where there is urgent action, what is virtualizable and where there will be problems (licensing, type of application, etc.) to do it. It also performs a inventory of IT assets to identify what should go to each business unit. We identify the most importantcriteria for making application placement decisions (public, private, hybrid, on-premise) and we recommend uploading to the Cloud as much as possible, presenting a report with alternatives and costs for each of them, for decision making. Cloud option is decided.

The IT staff is not experienced in Cloud environments, so our start-up support will be critical.

We accompany the client in the migration of the systems to the cloud, performing most of the work: the construction of the ESXs, the virtualization of the servers and applications (including email), the deployment of security policies, disaster recovery and the improvement of data telecommunications.