At this point in the movie, most organizations are or have been involved in a process of choosing where to store their resources and applications. A procedure that involves complexity and requires making certain decisions that jeopardize their life cycle and continuity. This interconnection of resources involves the Data Center, one of the key points in the selection of the infrastructure in which to entrust an organization’s data. But how do we know if we have chosen the right Data Center? This is where the fundamental TIER certifications for a Data Center come into play.

What are TIER certifications?

TIER certifications are globally recognized classifications that value the structure, design, performance, and reliability of a Data Center. Checks the infrastructure capacity of a Data Center to meet the optimal performance level and high level of support required by an organization.

It is organized into different levels of performance depending on the requirements of each infrastructure.

This certification is unique and recognized in the industry for its rigor and integrity. Awarded by the Uptime Institute.

Benefits of TIER certifications:

  • Performance: flexible and adaptable to the constant change that this technology entails, such as modular configurations, OCP (Open Compute Project) and cutting-edge approaches to power and cooling. This ensures that it meets the required objectives (costs, sustainability, uptime in IT operations) and allows to expand a variety of solutions according to the needs of each organization.
  • Adaptable: enables organizations to comply with local regulations, codes and bylaws.
  • Ciclo de vida: engloba todas las fases de la constitución de un Data Center. From design documentation, constructed facilities and demonstration of operational sustainability.
  • Vendor-independent: no need to choose a particular manufacturer, hardware or brand. It is totally impartial towards suppliers.
  • Author Certification:In this case the author Uptime Institute is the only one that can issue this certification, which guarantees changes in criteria and preferences.

This trust seal becomes an ally to guarantee the high standards required by organizations. It will also help customers make the best choice of suppliers with high levels of support.

Nosotros tenemos centros de datos con certificación TIER, ¿y usted?