We have seen that in the world of Cloud Storage there are several types of solutions, all of them based on data storage, but designed for different needs and challenges. We are going to focus specifically on one of them: Object Storage, the Cloud Storage that we implemented at Tecsens.

What is Object Storage?

Object Storage is a type of Cloud Storage that uses data as objects. Being an object-based storage, each of them includes the data itself and the metadata (date of creation, description etc.) accessible from the Internet or VPN

The storage of objects is organized into hierarchical levels:

  • Buckets:The cubes where multiple objects are stored. (Equivalent to folders in a file system)
  • Objects: the stored data, that is, a file with metadata. In our Object Storage each object is divided into six fragments of data and adds three fragments of parity thus guaranteeing the integrity of the data. Avoid any impact on data in case of incident when writing, storing, or restoring it.
Object Storage Hierarchy

This storage is mainly indicated for large volumes of data and that do not require regular modifications. Even so, thanks to the S3 life cycle, storage can be configured with transition rules for objects, between two types:

Hot storage:

This type of storage is used with data that requires faster access and retrieval.

Cold storage:

This type of storage is used when it comes to data that is no longer frequently needed by its access. Therefore, the access and recovery of these is much slower.

Tecsens Object Storage Advantages:

  • Availability and security: infrastructure designed with high erasure encryption.
  • Flat structure: allowing faster access. The location of the storage is not chosen since it is done by the system, but by means of its identifier to find it is simple.
  • Scalability and Flexibility, allows to increase the capacity adding new storage nodes according to the needs. Thanks also to the large number of metadata it contains, the data can be better analyzed.
  • Reliability: designed to enhance the durability and maintenance of data.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with backup and replication systems.

If you are looking for a solid and secure data protection and storage, Tecsens Cloud Storage is your solution.