The traffic that companies have to deal with with customer service or telemarketing is increasing, so a tool that facilitates better management of campaigns and calls will considerably improve their productivity and increase the quality of their work. As a solution Tecsens offers CloudTel CC, the advanced switchboard that will become an indispensable tool for day to day. Find out what its features are and what advantages it offers.

What is CloudTel CC?

CloudTel CC is an advanced virtual switchboard software aimed at call management with characteristics and functionalities of a call and contact center. Among these features is call management, campaign management with automatic dialing, queue management, IVR, among others that we will mention below.

This platform is mainly aimed at companies that manage a high volume of incoming calls and broadcast through campaigns.

What are the benefits of CloudTel CC

CloudTel CC offers different functionalities, among which we highlight:

Automatic dialing

Allows the import of contact lists from a database. The Administrator will be in charge of marking the guidelines that you want you to follow regarding the dialing of these numbers. There are different types of marking.

Campaign monitoring

With it, supervisors will be able to see in real time the complete list of existing campaigns in the system and work on them.

Unlimited queues

Automatic call distribution allows you to keep customers online by redirecting them to the agents that best fit their needs. Among its functions are priority routing, callback, control and blocking of calls.

Queue statistics and reports

These statistics provide a complete view of agent activity and queue traffic.

IVR Statistics

This report offers a detailed overview of how your customers navigate an IVR menu.

Real-time situation summary

With the Supervisor edition, the Wallboard module shows the activity of your calls. Knowing what happens is crucial for decision-making and an organization for the future.

If you are looking for an easy and smart solution, you are looking for CloudTel CC. Contact us.