In an increasingly technological and booming world of digital transformation, a crossroads come into play that many companies in the sector face Contact Center. Chatbots, those “machines” that often serve us in front of any query, and that for many customers is a real ordeal. The chatbots, are they the great ally?

Main chatbot issues:

Inmany cases this software is not properly configured and issues unrefined and inherent responses. And in other cases it is believed that they will even supplant the work of the agents.

The trend is becoming more and more changing, as the development and improvement of AI progresses in leaps and bounds.

Despite this they will never replace an agent’s position, if they will not contribute to the improvement of the”User Experience“and will be a perfect ally in this strategy.

Another of the great concerns of most customers is their ethics against the RGDP, something that is currently regulationd by European regulations for the digital age. It restricts the way companies make use of customers’ personal data.

But in the society of immediacy where everything is needed for “yesterday” we need these little allies. And after all this you will wonder, truly the Chatbots, are they the great ally?

What are its advantages?

5 advantages of chatbots
  • 24×7 availability,no schedules or dilations required.
  • Automation, time saving and frequent query resolution which exempts agents from engaging in tasks that require more complex attention.
  • Data collection,simple and error reduction.
  • Analytics,creating metrics and trends that help improve customer interaction processes.
  • Artificial Intelligence,thanks to their advance they can take on more complex tasks and “humanize” the interaction.

After analyzing their advantages you would think that, are Chatbots the great ally?