Salesforce is one of the most used CRM worldwide by companies, its potential in advanced account and contact management, customization and integrations make it an attractive tool. It may be an essential solution for the growth of a company, but under setbacks and without a backup they can generate the opposite. Therefore, having a backup for Sales Force is essential, since the loss of data and metadata that are due to human error, cyberattacks among other types of unforeseen events can generate great problems.

Why should I back up Salesforce?

Most organizations tend to think that because Salesforce manages infrastructure, you don’t need an external backup. Rarely these have one and in many cases when you decide to do it is too late.

The reality is different because, although Salesforce manages the infrastructure, both the data and metadata that are in it are the responsibility of the user. That is, the one in charge of protecting them against their loss or corruption.

Salesforce policy encourages your customers to develop a backup strategy. What’s more, he says, “It’s important for Salesforce customers to develop a routine data backup strategy as part of their overall data management and security model.”

First of all, it is very important to understand the data structure that makes up the CRM and how it is structured. In general, when talking about data refers to all the business data that makes up Salesforce, which includes contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, attachments etc. But, on the other hand, we find the so-called “metadata”, that is, those that refer to all configuration settings such as: custom fields, reports, dashboards, data hierarchy etc.

Therefore, it is essential to have a backup of both the data that makes up Salesforce and the metadata otherwise it would not be effective.

How to back up Salesforce?

Backing up Salesforce is easy, and you only need a third-party backup solution that ensures you can copy and control it. At Tecsens, we offer you ”Veeam® Backup for Salesforce”.

Advantages of Veaam Backup for Salesforce:

  • Native to Salesforce, specifically designed for data and metadata backup and restore.
  • Fast and flexible recovery
  • On-premises or cloud deployment
  • Powered by Salesforce APIs
  • Protection against errors and threats
  • Customization, granular backup schedules, and object-level retention configuration.

Having your own backups ensures that you meet recovery point objectives (RPOs) or recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Ultimately, having a Salesforce backup gives you full, easier control and access to restores after an incident.