After analyzing the most relevant features of our website or ecommerce, the next step is to know the types of servers and which one best suits our needs. Below we will analyze in detail the 3 most used types of web servers.

Types of web servers:

  • Shared servers: this type of servers as the name suggests arecrossed by more clients that have hosted their website. It assigns each client a series of resources and independently managed each website. The limitations of this type of server are bandwidth and space, because if it is a website with a lot of traffic and a high demand for space, it can have significant crashes and interruptions. A good option for companies that do not have large websites or ecommerce and that require the management of this since they are usually economic plans that include backup, security and maintenance services.
  • Dedicated servers: this type of servers as the name suggests are dedicated to the exclusive use of a single web project, therefore, the user who hires this service has full control over it, you can create custom configurations that fit your needs. On the other hand, you can also accompany this service with server management support if you do not have the necessary knowledge. Such servers are prepared for large organisations that have high traffic websites and require more resources (storage space, RAM etc.). Being scalable, they allow for upgrading and increasing resources if necessary.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) servers: This type of servers consist of a virtual space with its own operating system, which is located within a physical server and acts as a dedicated server within a shared environment. Despite being shared on the physical server, the VPS acts independently with its own resources and capacities, configurations and installations managed and defined beforehand by the root. In addition, it is guaranteed that no other user of the shared environment will interfere with the virtual server. This makes the VPS a robust and secure solution.

If you are still not sure which type of server is best suited to your website or ecommerce, we will advise you.

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