The website or ecommerce of a company is its virtual letter of introduction, so it is very important to have a web server that meets the needs and characteristics of this, otherwise it could suffer crashes or interruptions on peak days of visits. We will now look at what to consider when selecting the right one and the importance of web servers.

Characteristics for choosing a server:

When selecting the right web server, certain characteristics and needs must be taken into account.

  • Technological resources: the first and fundamental thing is to take into account the needs of the website or ecommerce, the capacity it should have depending on the elements it has (applications, programming language, etc.), the storage and type of hard disk (SSD or HHD).
  • Traffic volume: not only the resources are fundamental, but also the estimation of the traffic of users that the web will have, as this will determine the speed of the page, the fall or interruption of this if it does not have the necessary resources and a scalable server that allows modifications whenever necessary.
  • Technical support: It is essential to take into account the support offered by the provider, as it must be available at any time. Moreover, it is not only the ability to respond to incidents that is important, but also the monitoring, tracking and reporting of the status of the website.
  • Location of the servers: location of the data centre where the servers are hosted, security systems, contingency plan, availability or certifications they have is fundamental.

Are you still unclear about the needs of your website?