Having a Call Centre is a fundamental and strategic pointfor many companies, as it helps to provide response and support to customers and thus offer a good customer experience. However, there are currently a multitude of solutions on the market with features and functionalities geared towards different objectives, so making the decision and selecting the right one is a challenge. First of all, the first step is to detect the needs, establish objectives and know what kind of Call Centre you are.

Types of Call Centres

First of all, we must be clear about the difference between Call and Contact Centre, theCall Centre is mainly oriented to the emission of calls for different purposes, although it can also receive them occasionally. On the other hand, the Contact Centre is oriented towards customer service and receiving customer calls for a multitude of purposes.

Once this small difference has been clarified, it is essential to review the needs and objectives for the Call Centre (sales and marketing, lead generation, technical support, etc.). This is very important when analysing the channels needed to provide a comprehensive and immediate service.

In general, call centres only use the telephone channel as a means of communication, while contact centres combine the telephone with other channels such as chats, email, RRSS, SMS, whatsapp etc.

Among the most common types of Call Center that can be found are:

  • Recoveries
  • BPO’s
  • Customer Support

You don’t consider yourself a call centre, but you have a sales or customer service oriented department?

At Tecsens we have the right solution, CloudTel Call Center, an advanced virtual switchboardsoftware with call centre functionalities such as outbound campaign management with automatic call dialling, IVR, queue management, monitoring and advanced customised reports.

In addition, we also have a global omnichannel solution for companies specialising in Call and Contact Centre, which allows the management of customer services (100% Cloud and with all communication channels integrated such as chat, email, social media, etc.).

If you are still not sure, we can advise you which software best suits your needs as a Call Centre.