Nowadays no company is safe from suffering a Ramsonware attack as they are becoming more common. As we have mentioned in previous posts, this type of attack consists of hijacking a series of data from the company, to later claim an economic ransom so that it can recover them. Large companies have already been affected by this great enemy, demonstrating that any precaution is little. This attack typically occurs through emails, spam, or advertising. On some occasions, it is able to be installed on the system without realizing it.. That is why it is very important to know the things to do and not in front of Ramsonware, to be forewarned.

What to do or not do in the face of a Ramsonware virus

Here are some recommendations to prevent a possible Ramsonware attack.

1.No click on any attachments in suspicious emails

There are different paths that attackers use to infect a system, but without a doubt, the most common is phishing. The content of this email can be from an offer to a notification of shipment of a product, but what it is about is that the attachment is clicked in order to infect the system.

2.No pay the ransom

In the event that it has been clicked or the attack has entered the system, it is important not to make any payments. These attackers will ask for money in exchange for returning the files, but it is not guaranteed that this will actually happen and the files will be recovered after this payment. In this case it is important to disconnect from the Internet preventing it from spreading and contact a professional, who helps solve the incident.

3.No Disclose Personal Information

Sometimes, via text messages, emails, or over the phone, they send a data request that requires the recipient to fill in. This serves them to collect information and adapt misleading messages with the aim of making the victim trust this scam. It is vital not to respond to suspicious emails of this type and to provide information that could compromise us.

4.Keep the software up to date

It is essential to keep the system without weaknesses, the attackers perceive it much earlier than the user himself. They take advantage of these vulnerabilities to infect the system faster. It is important to have all applications updated and have security and monitoring software to keep equipment and systems protected.

5.Back up

We do not usually stop to think that an incident of this type is going to happen to us, until it happens. It is imperative to keep a backup of our files, applications and systems. A backup or disaster recovery are the solutions that are recommended for this. In short, to have a contingency plan adapted to the needs and characteristics of the organization.

We are never completely safe from cyberattacks, so all protection is little when it comes to the continuity of our company. Make sure you are protected and act cautiously.