Which for many companies and their employees has meant teleworking. Fewer displacements, family reconciliation and other positive aspects, for others it has been a real frustration. A large part of them have been affected by their productivity as they could not imagine and have called it, “Survival”. So telework is: Advance or Frustration?

This situation has been caused by the precariousness of the communications that some companies have.

Studies estimated that around 13% of employees are not productive due to these gaps in communications and collaboration tools. “We got caught by the bull”

It is not only the loss of worker productivity that has been affected by this reason. If not situations of discrepancies between employees or entire departments. Even in the customer service itself and satisfaction generated. So, losses.

Indicators that warn us that the effort that companies must make in digital transformation and renewal of the communications system involves an investment and not an expense.

That in the long term will positively affect the development of these.

To do this, employees must be provided with thenecessary resources, with which they can carry out all their functionsin a safe way and without losing collaboration between the different departments.

Working off-site is the test of fire and doing so as if you were in the office a few months ago, will be a symptom of having overcome it with note.

What are the keys to efficient communications?

The magic wand does not have it, but if we have the capacity to analyze ourselves, let ourselves be guided by professionals and adapt our infrastructure to the situation with:

  • Protocols for information management, action and security
  • Cloud platforms and collaboration tools
  • Proper security tools

The announced future is here, and it’s here to stay and it’s proven that those with robust IT infrastructure will survive. The rest is still on time.

In the future the telework will be: Advance or Frustration?