Meeting today’s demands such as availability, security, immediacy and agility is critical to business. Conventional infrastructure models are no longer equipped to respond to these new business models. For a couple of years now, there has been no doubt that the future of business transformation and continuity is the cloud. However, there is a wide range of Cloud services on offer, known as Cloud computing, consisting of multiple options. This time we will focus on the private Cloud, your company in the cloud.

How does the Private Cloud work?

The virtualization of physical IT resources and services is the base of the Private Cloud. This means that applications are not managed locally on devices or servers, but can be accessed virtually through the cloud. Furthermore, resources are not shared with other users.

Private Cloud models:

When opting for the private Cloud as a cloud resource for a company, it is important to decide between the modality that best suits the organisation. The differences are basically found in who manages the service and how. Moving on from SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, focusing on the latter as it is the most common and widely used modality.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service): in this type of infrastructure it is the company that contracts the service that is responsible for the management, administration (applications, data, operating system, middleware) and execution of the times. Even if required, it also assumes the scaling of applications.

In this model, the provider is responsible for providing virtualisation, storage, network, server and resource access.

What kind of companies is the Private Cloud for?

This cloud solution is perfect for organizations that havesensitive information and must ensure compliance with data protection and processing. The private cloud offers security, high availability, and great scalability and customization,making it a flexible solution. Access to private cloud resources is restricted with prior authorisation, usually via VPN. It also has the necessary protection to prevent unwanted intrusions.

There is no one Cloud Computing model that is better than another, it is simply geared to different needs and types of organisation.

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