After analysing how a Private Cloud solution works, looking at the different models and for which types of companies it is a good option, we take a closer look at this type of Cloud Computing. On many occasions companies are aware of their Cloud technology needs, but many doubts arise as to which one best meets their needs. That is why we are going to delve a little deeper into the architecture and types of private Cloud in particular those we offer in Tecsens.

Tecsens private Cloud architecture:

What kind of projects can I host in the Tecsens Private Cloud?

Projects of operators, call or contact center: We are specialists in Voice and latency sensitive services. For that reason, the Tecsens Cloud is the ideal location to host your telephony projects.

Web or application servers: Our cloud is designed with the best solutions and technologies to host web or application services. Your applications will be much faster.

Database servers: From Microsoft SQL Server, to MongoDB, to MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle, Redis, ElasticSearch… etc.

Virtual desktop environments: e.g. Citrix or VMware Horizon.

Business Intelligence applications: calculation and business statistics systems, CRM or ERP.

In short, any application or servicethat benefits from the qualities of the cloud: containers, authentication systems, storage, file sharing, messaging, development platforms… etc.

Why choose Tecsens Private Cloud?

  • Our Data Center,with high standards of reliability, power, cooling and security controls. Certified in the TIER III classification.
  • Geographical availability in European locations, in compliance with GDPR.
  • Redundancy, in the event of a downtime of any of the dedicated servers in the productive cluster, services are restarted in our contingency DC.
  • Fault Tolerant, For those environments requiring a drop time close to 0.
  • Service and maintenance, infrastructure constantly monitored by our team of engineers specialised in Cloud.
  • Committed to low latency, our team of engineers is specialised in the maintenance and deployment of VoIP Cloud solutions, where the quality of the infrastructure must be impeccable for a good service.
  • BaaS and DRaaS, all our Cloud solutions are delivered protected by backup and replication with customised RTO and RPO for each client.
  • Dedicated virtual firewall, we protect our clients’ cloud communications perimetrically with a dedicated virtual firewall, fully customisable according to the project.
  • Our technology, VMware, a pioneer in the cloud and virtual market.
  • Load balancers for environments requiring high availability or redundancy on the application side.
  • Protection through IDS/IPS systems, in order to protect services exposed to the internet.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring. Your servers will be monitored and protected by our proactive platform. You will be able to identify failures that are close to happening
  • We do not overcommit, resources are not overstretched.
  • There is no billing for traffic consumption. You can download or download as much data from or to the cloud as you need. We do not charge extra for network consumption.
  • Internal network up to 10 Gbits per second, your servers will be able to communicate internally with each other with a high speed network and very low latency. Ideal for latency sensitive projects such as video or voice.
  • Public network of up to 1 Gbit per second, to allocate internet access to those services that require it.

The Tecsens Private Cloud is the solution your company needs.