Just over a year agothe JuanXXIII Vocational Training Centercontacted us to explain its problems and technological needs. A very common problem, the lack of digital transformation in education.

This educational center provides both classroom training, online and certified courses where all students and teachers need internet connection. In addition to its teaching method through online educational platforms.


Incidents in the corporate communications lines at the network and telephony level were a problem that arose on very continuous occasions, something that  Juan Luis Pérez, Head of Studies, explained to us.

Falls in services that affected both the continuity of students’ classes, as well as everything related to the daily work of teachers or even contact with families. A center that opts for a change in methodology and works for the incorporation of digital resources could not afford it.


After a study of their needs and what was best suited to them, we implemented several professional internet accesses. For better performance of connectivity between floors, classrooms, etc. and a virtual PBX that would allow flexibility, security and call quality.

After these last months and events arising from covid-19, centers such as Juan XXIII that already had good technological resources and had started their digital transformation process have not affected their normal activity, being able to teach the classes from home, says Juan Luis.

They were prepared, which has given them good results during the pandemic. This now opens up other needs and the incorporation of new additional services due to the uncertainty of the next academic year. Although they already have the experience of online teaching, the limitations in terms of attendance in September would increase this modality. Something that was already being raised and even before this health crisis.

A future full of uncertainty and changes in the education system that shows that digital transformation is much needed in this sector and that the current situation has accelerated. Being prepared to take on this new methodology and bet on positioning yourself as a reference technology center was always a priority for this center.

Juan Luis conveys his satisfaction with the solutions and the relationship with TECSENS:

“It’s been over a year since our problems have disappeared since the very first moment, which has had an impact on greater satisfaction from the entire center. We work with TECSENS side by side, excellent professionals with knowledge, resolution, efficiency and closeness. Peace of mind knowing we’re in good hands”

Demonstrated that digital transformation in education is fundamental.