vCloud Services:

The VCloud Services–As explained in the video that we shared last week- are the intersection between the ability for one of our clients to work their own private cloud and our ability to provide a cloud hosted in one of the 19 datacentresfrom Coltin Europe. What makes this service truly unique is that, in addition, the entire infrastructure is managed as if it were a single Datacenter virtual .

Colt VMware vCloud Services:

The Colt VMware vCloud Servicesare jointly promoted. It is a project that was designed by VMware so that together with Coltand Tecsens could propose a quality offer. colt uses its two major assets: a data center network and a pan-European fiber optic network considered the best on the market. Tecsens it provides the knowledge to exploit it. Only then can end-to-end Service Levels (SLAs) be guaranteed.

The truth is that more and more critical business processes will be cloud ; things like Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) or second-level applications. As customers become more familiar with these services, know the speed, understand the integrity of the proposal, and feel more comfortable about the reliability of the solution, first-rate applications will also be migrated to the cloud. Another key advantage, when it comes to data protection laws, is that customers know where their data is and thus can solve problems of adaptation to the law. If you want the data to be kept within certain borders, you can.

The marketing model changes towards a model of committed consulting . Tecsens It helps its clients to build the environment and to put it into operation, with the clear objective that the service, in the end, is provided in an automated way and thus the client can self-manage their clouds.

Many of our customers already understand the benefits of virtualization and know the benefits of putting some of their computing capabilities in the cloud. Actually, VCloud Services they offer the ability to gradually move different workloads to the cloud. It remains to get going. With Tecsens, the road is easier .