This is a question that many companies ask themselves on a regular basis, Is an Office 365 backup necessary? the answer is yes. Microsoft allows the storage and availability of files in its cloud, but without ensuring their protection against possible incidents.

It is not that Microsoft is not secure, far from it, in fact it is one of the most powerful, effective and well-known tools for productivity in an organization. It ensures data protection, encryption, security, compliance and eDiscovery but by default not everything an organization may require.

In addition, with the times we live in,a lot of sensitive company information is stored and passes through the office 365 tools. For this reason, the recovery of this information must be guaranteed and secured, especially when it comes to large organizations. Reducing and mitigating potential malware attacks and even accidental component failure is critical.

Whether it is Microsoft Teams, the tool most used by teams to work remotely, or any of the Office 365 applications, the restoration and control of the data is the responsibility of the user and not Microsoft.

Benefits of implementing a backup in Office 365:

  • Data management and protection against accidental deletion, security threats and gaps in retention policies.
  • Immediate and flexible restoration of individual Office 365 items and files.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements with efficient eDiscovery of Office 365 backup elements.
  • Control, scheduling and monitoringof backups, adjusting the frequency as the user decides.

Don’t gamble, keep your information always protected and accessible.

It is never enough when it comes to the security of your company.