The immutability of data has become an issue of increasing importance in today’s business world. The ability to ensure that data is not modified in an unauthorized manner is critical to ensuring the security and integrity of business information. We tell you all about the immutability of the data.

What is data immutability?

Data immutability refers to the ability to keep data in its original state, preventing any unauthorized modification, deletion or corruption. Data immutability is especially important for protection against ransomware threats and other types of cyber attacks. In other words, data is immutable if it cannot be changed once it has been created.

Solutions to maintain data immutability

The solution for data immutability is immutable storage, which allows data to be written only once and then read many times, ensuring that data remains unchanged and immutable. Immutable storage has long been used in read-only file systems and write-only files, but has recently emerged as an important solution for protecting critical business data.

In our case we offer a Veeam data platform.

This platform is the complete data immutability solution to protect the integrity of critical business data. Veeam Data Platform combines data protection and data management into a single solution to ensure data protection at all stages of the data lifecycle.

This platform has the following features:

Provide the ability to create immutable snapshots of data,

This ensures that the data cannot be modified, deleted or corrupted in an unauthorized manner. Immutable snapshots allow data to remain in its original state, which is essential for protecting critical business data.

Immutable storage function,

It allows data to be written only once and then read many times. This ensures that data remains unchanged and immutable, which is essential for the protection of critical business data.

Ability to verify data integrity,

It allows users to confirm that the data has not been modified or corrupted in an unauthorized manner. Integrity verification is an essential step in protecting critical business data.

Ultimately, data immutability is a key component of any enterprise data protection strategy.