Within the digitaltransformationprocesses that are addressing the vast majority of European companies are climbing into the cloud, one of the key points.

Why cloud computing?

Initially cloud solutions aroused many reluctance in security and privacy issues. Many companies understood the tremendous cost savings and improvement of development and operation cycles but perceived risks in the most sensitive area: the protection of their data.

From those beginnings to today, the maturity of cloud technologyhas been such that today very few companies still do not use this option.

Hybrid solutions combining private and public clouds are able to combine cost savings and improvement of previously mentioned cycles with the highest security.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation success stories come from cloud solutions that enable the rest of the actions needed to address it.

The perhaps most representative case is that of the finance giant, BBVA. This bank has become the flagship of digital transformation in the financial industry and is an intensive user of the hybrid cloud.

With this we indicate that a world-class financial institution, where data security is extremely critical, has adopted cloud solutions for the operation of its business.

Other cloud success stories

BBVA is perhaps the most spectacular example but it is not the only one.

The leader in Spain of the custom plant and flower business, Interflora,has achieved with the passage to the cloud a differential optimization of its management.

In this case, it is a network of more than 2,000 partner centers that, however, when using the cloud, allow the company to have a unique view of orders, invoices, incidents, contact with suppliers, etc.

Additionally, your business can quintup the volume in peak periods. In this scenario, the IaaS(on demand)solutions provided by the cloud provide unprecedented cost savings.

Multioptics has managed to expand with the aim of covering the entire Spanish territory attracting more than 200 partners and integrating them into its existing 550 establishments.

Theonboarding of the partners under the umbrella of a professional cooperative and its subsequent management is based of no, in the cloud. Multioptics has its CRM and ERP solutions in the cloud which empowers you to have a unique view of the whole business whether it’s your own stores or your partners.

How to deal with migration?

Key companies from all sectors across Europe are committed to migrating to cloudsystems, whether public, private or hybrid.

Key concepts are ubiquity, security, on-demand infrastructure and cost savings among many others.

It is strategically necessary to migrate key systems to the cloud. Face a possible refactoring and begin to feel the benefits of digital transformation.

Migrating to cloud computing as soon as it runs, the better. Always with the help of experienced experts. It’s time to contact us and launch.