For many companies, the Call or Contact Centre is a strategic and fundamental point for direct communication and customer relationship management.. Customer satisfaction and the fulfilment of customer needs depend on the proper functioning of this division. Today’s companies are faced with the age of immediacy and demanding customers. That’s why we tell you what the 4 must-haves are for a 360º Call and Contact Centre provider.

First of all, it is essential to know how to distinguish between Call and Contact Centre, although at first sight they seem to be the same, they do not have the same requirements.

The Call Centre is the one that issues the calls with the objective of customer loyalty, lead acquisition, sale of products and services, etc. On the other hand, the Contact Centre is there to receive calls that are in charge of attending, resolving and managing customer requests. Let’s say that this last part is the part that takes care of the relationship with the client.

We show you the 4 must-haves for a 360º Call and Contact Centre provider:

In order for a provider of Call and Contact solutions to offer a 360º service capable of covering all the needs and requirements of a department of this type, it must have the following resources, as their level of specialisation and expertise will determine the quality of the service and guarantee the correct functioning and rapid solution to possible setbacks.


Dedicated and well-dimensioned connectivity will ensure that the voice quality of the call or contact centre is always up to standard. Setting up HA (High Availability) environments also secures connections to the operator.


In a Call or Contact Centre department, countless data are handled on a daily basis, which is why it is essential to protect them. Not only for customers, but also to comply with the GDPR. To this end, the supplier must have the necessary expertise to provide robust security solutions in software to ensure peace of mind for its customers.


In Call and Contact Centres, top quality routes with minimum latency ensure stable and clean voice communications between interlocutors. Monitoring traffic is essential from the operator’s point of view. The fact that your provider is an operator offers you: dimensioning the necessary channels, providing fixed or mobile numbering, agility in provisioning and cost savings.


Software capable of integrating with CRM or ERP is essential when recording and analysing the data obtained in a customer call. Thanks to this integration, the agent can have all the information available about the customer while maintaining the conversation. Being able to manage different customised roles, monitor and obtain real-time metrics is essential.

Of course, omni-channeling is essential, the software must have access to all possible communication channels so that the customer has multiple options and facilities for contacting the company (email, social media, WhatsApp, etc.) and so that the company can obtain full traceability of the steps taken.

Tecsens guarantees you these 4 essentials to give meaning to your Call or Contact Centre projects, as it has a 360º vision from the point of view of networks, the operator layer in different countries, its expertise in security and has one of the most complete and powerful software on the market.