At a time like this when online sales are soaring, in order to have a successful campaign and for customers to buy safely, ecommerce must be prepared and implement web protocols such as HTTPS. Why is the HTTPS protocol necessary on a website? Currently, any website that seeks to provide trust and security needs to make use of the HTTPS protocol.

What is the https protocol and what does it consist of?

In the address bar of the browsers it is possible to find the icon of a closed lock. The purpose of this symbol is to indicate to the user that the connection between his computer and the server providing the page he is visiting is secured by an encryption system. This security protocol allows a secure connection between the server and the user that cannot be obstructed by unauthorized persons.

The situation over the past few years has changed dramatically. Initially, the “s” at the end of the http protocol on Internet sites was considered a high cost measure applied only by companies that accepted credit cards or other electronic payment systems. However, with the increase in cyber security requirements, and the announcement by Google of the incorporation of https as a classification measure, there are many types of web pages that incorporate this security assurance protocol.

In addition, Google favors in the searches the websites that incorporate in their addresses this protocol. A competent authority must provide the so-called SSL certificate, which consists of three layers of protection:

  • Encryption: The data between the client’s browser and the website is protected with strong encryption. If a hackersteals or intercepts them, he will find them difficult to decipher.
  • Data integrity: the information cannot be altered or corrupted during transmission, without errors being detected.
  • Authentication: the process of verifying the connection to the desired website.

Advantages of the https security protocol

Particularly suitable for pages dedicated to ecommerce, the inclusion of the protection protocol brings three major benefits to the owners of these websites and browsers:

  • Security: the protocol provides security for the company or organization’s website, ensuring that data between the page and users is verified and encrypted.
  • Trust: users who access websites via https feel more confident when browsing and buying on pages with this protocol.
  • Improved SEO positioning: Google offers a slight boost in search rankings.

The SSL certificate is a must in the attempt to achieve a successful website, which can be visited from any device.

Let’s ensure that users buy in a safe way.