As we saw in previous posts, automatic dialing is a very important part for the efficient and productive operation of a Call Center. A fundamental point is also to select the right one, since each one is indicated for a type of Call or contact center. In order to determine which is the recommended marker or dialer, the first thing is to consider the following factors:

  • Number of useful contacts expected
  • Available agents
  • Service Levels
  • Maximum queues per agent

Types of marking and uses:

Preview mode dialing

The time allocated per agent with this system is higher, since it requires prior study of the next call and consequently a lot of follow-up by a coordinator or supervisor. This is the ideal mode, for example, for campaigns where a phone call must be arranged in advance.

Progressive Dialing

If programmed correctly, it is a very efficient system, as it can distinguish between faxes, busy numbers, unanswered numbers, numbers that do not exist and even some voice messages. Talk time is less stressful for agents and allows for more efficient management. It is the most used model for telemarketing campaigns, telesales and negotiation campaigns where the degree of abandonment is very important. Also recommended for campaigns with less than 20 agents.

Predictive mode

This type of dialing is ideal for campaigns with more than 20 agents at the same time. The more agents, the better the predictive algorithm works. In small campaigns, the risk of aggressive prediction algorithms can lead to an increase in the abandonment rate (customers answer, but on the other hand there is no agent available and hang up). Predictive mode is strongly recommended for recovery services. However, you have to be careful with this type of dialing because you have to correctly size the number of agents since if there are not enough and if the contactability rate is high the risk that customers end up cutting or hanging also increases. Despite these precautions, this system will allow us to take more calls and optimize the time of agents by keeping them busy at all times. This method of automatic dialing is one of the most widely used in the industry.

Defining the type of dialing is key and will depend on your business model, are you clear about which is the most appropriate according to the campaign to be carried out? Combining them is also a success.