It is common for the IT manager of each company to comment on the need to back up the files. Websites, billing, supplier and customer data may suffer some mishap and all that information may be lost, unless we have a copy. But so that we don’t have space problems when archiving those items, it’s best to have a Cloud Backup service.

What is a Cloud Backup?

A backup is a mere backup of the information we consider important. It can be the copy of the latest version of the website or the data contained in all the computers of the company. When the termcloud is added in front of us we are referring to that that backup will be in thecloud: in this way, if the computers containing the information are damaged, we will be able to enter the information from any device.

Those cloud backups allow us to recover all the informationquickly, avoiding greater evils. This way employees will be able to work with that information whether they are in the office or outside the office.

Copies may be created automatically from time to time or manually,as a routine process.

Benefits of cloud security backups

There are many advantages when you hire a cloud backup service, the first of which, to be able to have the information anytime, anywhere, at a very economical price.

It should also be thought that when hiring such services we are working with companies that are up to date in technology. In addition, we will have no problem when it comes to growth: services of this type are scalable, we will be able to contract a greater volume of space as we need it.

The providers of these services have very powerful infrastructures, preventing connection drops from being problematic (they are always for short periods of time). Thus, we will be covered in terms of data protection, governed by the General Data Protection Regulation that entered into force in May 2018. In addition, the most advanced information encryption systems are available.

We will have at our disposal a team specialized in suchtasks, which will allow professional and tailored advice, in addition to the problems orincidents that arise will be solved quickly and efficiently.

Finally, these services are synonymous with saving space, time, money and also energy. If we have the copies in the company (for example, on our own server) we will have to invest in the physical space for the machine, in the energy it consumes, in the cost of the time of the employee in charge of maintenance…

If we have convinced you and you are thinking of hiring a Cloud Backup for your company, so you can archive all those backups in the cloud, contact Tecsens. You will find the service that best suits your needs.