Powering our CloudTel PBX with Microsoft Teams. In the age in which we are, the business society demandsOmnichannel,it demands to be able to communicate with customers and suppliers through different channels and that, in turn, these are interrelated to each other. So it is important or, rather, essential, to have solutions that facilitate the day-to-day life of a company, whatever the size it is.

CloudTel PBXThat’s why unified communications are the link that perfectly complements the day-to-day business activity.

Voice is one of the essential pieces at this point, and having a solution that allows you to have mobility (which is multi-device) CloudTel PBX, which allows you to integrate with your CRM/ERP CloudTel PBX,which allows you to have complete and real-time control of daily activity CloudTel PBX and that, in addition, is always up to date with the latest technology and functionalities is, as we said at the beginning of these lines, essential.

Now with Teams

From TECSENS, always at the forefront, we announce the complete integration we’ve developed with Microsoft Teams.CloudTel PBX integration and MS TeamsFor companies that have the power of the reference software provider and use Teams as a communication tool, they will now be able to have all PBX capabilities using the application as a means Microsoft Teams.

But not only that, can you also imagine being able to combine the means used and adapt them to every need within your company?Microsoft Teams

With CloudTel PBX it is possible, because this integration makes it a reality for employees to use an IP phone; others a mobile with Teams; others a laptop with Teams; or even the same user, “and with the same extension”, can choose which media to use at any time, as they would have that extension configured on the terminal and Teams simultaneously.

Our philosophy: transparency and closeness. Do you want us to show you?

Discover our CloudTel PBX with Microsoft Teams.