Today’s cloud-based communications solutions facilitate the day-to-day life of workers and contact with customers at any time in a delocalized manner. We are talking about systems such as the SIP Trunk, capable of providing all the voice channels that an organization needs to manage its communications correctly. Well, this is a good choice as long as your hiring and choosing of your characteristics is done in the right way and agrees with the needs of the company. We tell you what you should take into account when hiring it and how managed vs online contracting of SIP Trunk works.

What should be taken into account when hiring a SIP Trunk?

Whether the contracting of the SIP Trunk is done in a managed manner, that is, through a commercial, or online, it is essential to take into account the following needs to get the solution right.

· Supplier Experience

The first point to keep in mind when we are looking for a SIP Trunk provider is that in addition to being an operator, it has its own infrastructure. This indicates that it has experience and a team of VoIP experts capable of installing, managing and maintaining the service in any situation.

· Quality and availability

The availability and quality of calls is a fundamental point for any company, as it will determine the proper functioning of its communications systems. This is directly related to the fact that the provider you choose has modern and efficient codecs capable of optimizing bandwidth and quality of services. In addition, the PBX connection with a reliable network that has operators that route calls to any network without additional costs and avoid points of failure in case of outages or interruptions.

· Call volume and numbering

After analyzing the characteristics and type of service offered by the provider, the company must take into account their needs. It is necessary to take into account the volume of incoming and outgoing calls that are generated simultaneously, as well as the peaks of calls, to be able to estimate the dimensioning of channels that are needed.

· Rates

Last but not least, finding an operator and provider of pay-per-use rates with national and international traffic can make a big difference.

5 steps of contracting a SIP Trunk in a managed way

This type of contracting is conventional, that is, the one that is managed through a commercial that offers advice and accompaniment throughout the process. It is oriented for all types of profiles, but perhaps it makes more sense for users who do not have the necessary knowledge to perform an autonomous hiring such as an online process. Here are the 5 common steps to perform:

1.Contact with operator

First of all and taking into account the items when hiring a SIP Trunk, you must start the search for an operator that fits and contact him.

2. Rate negotiation

3. Sizing the service

Channels and numbering, take into account the needs and obtain the number of channels necessary for the proper functioning of the service.

4. Formalization of the contract

5. Provision of the service

Once the contract has been formalized, the technicians will contact the company for the activation of the service, sending credentials and other appropriate configurations to start operating.

3 steps of hiring a 100% online SIP Trunk

This type of contracting is not usual, few operators offer it. Very soon in Tecsens we will have it, it will be an autonomous and 100% online hiring process, without intermediaries. It is aimed at technical profiles or users who are very clear about the needs or have a team capable of activating the service autonomously and at any time. A much more agile process that is simplified in 3 steps:

  1. Choice of SIP Trunk pack
  2. Registration
  3. Service activation

Differences between managed vs online contracting of your SIP Trunk


In the process of purchasing and activating the service.

24/7 availability

Anytime, anywhere.

Autonomy and scalability

It allows control, self-management and increased features at any time.

And you, what hiring process do you choose? Do you want to experience the differences?

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