In such a competitive and demanding market, it is vital to automateor outsourcecertain services. The frantic pace of work involves the implementation of different software and intelligent solutions to optimize administrative and operational management. In this context, recourse to the contact centerservice may be favourable.

What is a Contact Center?

TheContact Center is a centralized service that manages and handles the traffic of both incoming and outgoing calls, online chats, instant messaging on social networks and other communications such as e-mails, faxes, etc. Therefore, we can speak of a multichannel service where several communication channels managed by multiple agents are handled simultaneously.

The contact center adapts to new technologies and current consumption habits to be present through various means and channels, always favoring interaction with the customer in the environment that is most comfortable to this.

The ultimate goal is to provide effective service and support to companies’ day-to-day operations.

  • Fix a problem in real time.
  • Provide information about the most frequent doubts.
  • Return calls.
  • Perform a post-sales service or pre-sale advice.
  • Loyalty and reactivate customers.

Uses of a Contact Center

These are the most common uses of a contact center:

  • Telemarketing: advertise for a brand or sell remotely.
  • Teleassistance: for people who need it.
  • Orders: management and shipping.
  • Probes: to extract statistics and/or ratings.
  • Follow-up of defaults and delinquents.
  • Take appointments or reservations: speeding up the process.
  • Integration of distributed service employees.

KPIs to rate to choose a Contact Center

The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) are those key indicators that measure and evaluate the fundamental services of a contact center. They show how it operates in terms of efficiency, cost, quality of service and performance. Quality, productivity, or balance-of-quality and productivity metrics can be performed.

Top KPIs

Since even a blocked call can be a missed opportunity to connect with a client or potential client, these are the most important KPIs:

At the outs and out

  • First Call Resolution (FCI).
  • Average call time.
  • Response time.
  • Call loading (forecast vs. real).


  • Hourly sales.
  • Contacts per hour.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Penetration rate.
  • Schedule effectiveness.

In and out

  • Abandonment rate.
  • Degree of Customer Satisfaction.
  • Idle time or downtime.
  • Movement index.
  • Level of commitment, satisfaction and well-being of agents.

Measurement objectives

There are several objectives that you want to achieve with these measurements, the most important are:

  • Minimize costs.
  • Maximize benefits based on quality of service and increased customer enthusiasm.

Types of Contact Centers

One of the considerations to take into account before hiring a contact center is to identify the type of service you want to develop. These are the 2 most common types:

Incoming calls (inbound)

  • Customer support: inquiries, doubts and solutions about a product or service.
  • Recruitment of new customers.

Outgoing calls (outbound)

  • Generar leads.
  • Sales solutions.
  • Search for potential customers.
  • Conducting surveys.
  • Reminders of service renewal or debt payment.

Why should you implement a Contact Center?

  • Improves customer service.
  • Centralizes and optimizes phone traffic for any company.
  • Streamlines information, promotion and sales processes.
  • Professionalizes the company for the customer.
  • It increases profits and establishes new lines of business, making those that already exist more accessible.

Several studies show that such services promote performance while increasing profit. However, there are still entities that ignore the benefits of outsourcing.

And how do you know which contact center to choose? Considering that technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and there is a wide variety of intelligent solutions, it is best to turn to professionals like Tecsens to analyze the particularities of your company and determine which one is best suited for your business model. And remember that implementing this type of services can be the ultimate solution for your company. Ask us for a free quote!