Surfing the web securely today is a real challenge. In the scenario in which we find ourselves, phishing, ransomware and malware attackson companies continue to increase. The problem lies in the lack of processes and tools, many of which are still in the implementation phase. If we add to this teleworking, where home networks and personal devices are used, the possibilities and vulnerability to attack are multiplied.

One of the reasons, which has made many companies speed up the return to offices, is the fear of being involved in such a situation.

Among other things, one of the major concerns is web browsing by your employees, who access hundreds of websites on a daily basis without any type of control or content filtering in many cases. This opens the door and further increases the risk of viruses and attacks.

DNS filtering system could be the solution.

This cloud-based toolimplements a comprehensive and customizable set of policies. In addition to offering featuressuch as:

  • Content and URL filtering, intelligently categorizing websites.
  • Support for networks with dynamic IP addresses.
  • Protect your users and networksagainst command and control (botnet) attacks, malware, phishing, viruses and other threats by applying appropriate security policies.
  • Control and monitoring through reports: activity, security threat, billing and query log.

Nowadays, is securitya pending task for many companies, are more and more of them implementing security tools and processes, and do they know which is the right solution to meet their needs?