Cloud backup and cloud storage are two concepts that are often confused, but we must differentiate because they do not have the same advantages. Both are within the tools of cloud computing, saving costs, time and space, in addition to many other advantages. Next, we will explain the differences between Backup vs. conventional storageand what are the pros and cons of each of these.

What is the ideal system?

It should be the organization itself, or an IT consultant, who answers that question. Since all organizations do not have the same needs.

Conventional storage

Conventional cloud storage is a service that allows access to a company’s files from anywhere. All you need is an Internet-connected device, a username and password.

Its maxim is the mobility of the business. It facilitates many aspects of it, such as saving costs, space and time by being able to access files at any time and through any device. This translates into better conditions for our employees and greater benefits for the company.

Among the negative points of cloud storage we can highlight security. Since not all suppliers offer the maximum guarantees and our information may be lost or worse, fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, it is not usual with copies of these files.

Cloud Backup

On the other hand, the cloud backup allows archiving different versions of the vital information of a business. That is, a backup, or several of all the critical information of a company. Defining the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) that can be customized.

The perfect solution for business continuity. In the event of an attack by cyber-criminals (such as malware, ransomware, etc.), some kind of accident (fire, flood) or simple loss, files can be restored immediately.

With the cloud backup we will always be sure that whatever happens, all the information is safe. However, we must ensure that we work with companies that comply with all current regulations, for example, those concerning data protection.

You still haven’t decided?

As we have explained, the conventional storage is not more than that, storage of the information. However, with the cloud backup service we are sure that we will always have a copy of the important files for the company at our disposal.

The best solution is to work with both. On the one hand, the day to day can be developed with a cloud storage software. But for all sensitive information it is better to have a cloud backup service to ensure its protection and availability. That is to say, to sleep peacefully.

A company’s information is the most valuable thing it has, secure it.