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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based collaboration solution, perfect for turning any organisation into a virtual office, capable of achieving team collaboration from any device and location.

The old Office 365 but cloud-based, with the combination of all the classic applications such as Excel, Outlook, Word…that facilitate daily work and increase productivity with cloud applications such as One Drive, Microsoft Teams, all backed by security solutions.

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What types of Microsoft 365 enterprise licences are there?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based solution with several licence types that combine different applications and resources.


  • Chat, call or meet with 300 attendees.
  • Web and mobile versions of Office applications.
  • 1 TB of cloud storage.
  • Business-class e-mail.
  • Standard security.
  • Uninterrupted support by phone and via the web.

    Applications and services included:

    M365 EBasico applications


    Everything included in the Basic Enterprise version, plus:

    • Desktop versions of Office applications with premium features.
    • Easily hosted webinars.
    • Attendee registration and reporting tools.
    • Manage client appointments.

      Applications and services included:

      M365 Standard applications


      Everything included in the Standard Enterprise version, plus:

      • Advanced security.
      • Data and access control.
      • Protection against cyber threats.
      • Phone System (addon).

        Applications and services included:

        M365 EPremium applications


        • Desktop versions of Office applications with premium features.
        • 1 TB of cloud storage.
        • Standard security.
        • Uninterrupted support by phone and via the web.

          Applications and services included:

          M365 applications

          *All subscriptions are annual and per user for standard, premium, M365 Acess and Publisher applications for PC only.

          Microsoft 365 applications

          All the cloud collaboration tools you need for business productivity.

          Microsoft 365 word


          Microsoft 365 excel


          Microsoft 365 notes

          One Note

          Microsoft 365 outlook


          Microsoft 365 power point


          Microsoft 365 sharepoint


          Microsoft 365 onedrive


          Microsoft 365 msteams


          All the benefits of working with Microsoft 365

          check Productivity, real-time collaboration, multi-device and offshoring:

          With Microsoft 365 you can work and access your data from wherever and whenever you want, all you need is an internet connection and a device.

          Increase the productivity of your employees thanks to its applications, working as a team in real time is feasible. Simplify your processesand improve your responsiveness thanks to applications that allow you to execute forms, define workflows, etc.

          check Upgrades:

          The subscription service to any of the available plans offers every available update of all tools free of charge.

          check Information security:

          The security of your data and that of your employees is guaranteed thanks to data protection, encryption, backup, compliance and eDiscovery.

          Access your confidential information through user authentication and automatic policy-based rules.

          check Unified communications:

          Thanks to Microsoft Teams, the whole team can stay intouch in real time via chat, calls, online meetings and conferences.

          Integrations with Microsoft 365

          At Tecsens we want to go further and make Microsoft 365 the most complete set of collaboration tools possible.


          virtual switchboard ms virtual machines

          Do you want quality business communications?

          Introducing the most complete unified communications integration,our virtual PBX (CloudTel PBX) with Microsoft Teams.

          What is this integration?

          This is an interconnection between the Microsoft environment with CloudTel PBX whereby routing is achievedthat makes it possible to send and receive calls to the global telephone network from the Teams application and the PBX.

          What licence do I need?

          Included in the M365 Enterprise Premium licence. Possibility to purchase additional licences for the rest of the licences.

          Is an Office 365 backup necessary?

          Microsoft 365 allows the storage and availability of files in the cloud and makes backup copies on its servers, but without ensuring their protection against possible incidents (cyberattacks, human error…) and other aspects required by an organisation. It is not that Microsoft is not secure – far from it – in fact, it is one of the most powerful and effective tools.

          On the other hand, it should be noted that the process of restoring and controlling the data is the responsibility of the user and not Microsoft. This supports the fact that it is important to have a specific backup for Microsoft 365 to which you have direct access and control.

          BACKUP MICROSOFT 365

          Microsoft 365 backup

          Transform your business with Microsoft 365


          Migrations to Microsoft 365 Cloud environments

          Migrations are projects that require prior study, planning and design of specific steps. Poor planning and execution can result in serious incidents leading to the loss of sensitive and relevant information.

          Types of Microsoft 365 migrations

          We perform email migrations to M365 from any email provider: POP, Exchange, IMAP, Gmail etc. Including One Drive, Share point and all other O365 applications.

          Secure migrations without service interruptions including email histories, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.

          Microsoft 365 Training

          There is no point in having one of the most complete IT tools if we do not know how to make the most of it. We offer you all kinds of training (project planning, M365 administration…) so that the whole team can get to know all the possibilities offered by each of its applications.

          We advise you without obligation

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